Choosing the right IT asset management software isn’t easy – or is it?

 Asset management software is an indispensable component of every industry, be it large or small scale. They help manage assets from the time of purchase to when they are discarded.

Asset management refers to operating and tracking of assets in an organization. Assets range from cash and cash equivalents, inventories, investments, furniture, vehicles, etc.

An asset management software, also known as asset tracking software or IT asset management tool, is an application used to keep a record of assets in a company in a centralized place without manual efforts.

These software/tools are used to track assets throughout their lifecycle and alert the organization when it’s time to dispose or replace them.

9 Tip-offs to select the perfect asset management software

Now let’s dive into the minute details to keep in mind while choosing the right software for your company’s needs.

1. Being aware of the Life Cycle

Because that’s what the Asset Management software is meant to do. The software should ideally understand the life expectancy of each asset and dispose of them when it is of no use any longer,  and purchase new ones without going through a delayed process.

2. Transparency on the predicted usage

To purchase asset management software, you need to realize what organizational assets genuinely mean and their usage. In addition, expecting software usage beforehand helps in customizing your services better.

3. Purposes and presumptions

To choose an asset management software, you should have a clear-cut understanding of the objectives of the company and expectations from the assets. Before purchasing software, your company should host a meeting with its staff to consider the long and short-term requirements.

4. Check for Prices and Discounts

According to the budget your company has, compare the various asset management software available in the market and choose your match. Then, check for the packages and which exactly fit your requirements.

Many applications have the option to personalize solutions for you. This eliminates the unnecessary features, reduces the overall cost, and enhances the quality of the software.

5. The eminence of blending

Asset management software is the pivotal point, managing all company assets. When this software integrates with the existing software that your company uses, the whole procedure becomes flawless, removing all glitches.

Thus employees take less time to learn the system as it matches with the existing ones, without hindering the workflow.

6. Convenience and Performance

Amidst choosing from all the overwhelming features, what companies miss most is the usability and performance of a particular system. Therefore, finding if your company’s software is compatible with the asset management software is necessary.

With everything perfect but incompatible software, your ship might sink at the dock.

7. Support

A majority of the asset management software warranty a system free from technical malfunctioning. But the software’s software, after all.

When you face technical difficulties, you must have 24*7 assistance from the software team. The right asset management software must guide through these difficult phases.

8. In sync with Cloud

The better optimized, the better the assets are being handled. As a result, businesses can effectively keep a smooth track of all the assets without fearing one or multiple assets getting misplaced or lost.

Storing your assets on the cloud also means you have access to the assets from any time and anywhere, keeping work not just within the office walls.

9. Features

Now, let’s come to the essential element of choosing the best IT asset management software for your company. The characteristics of your company define your needs which will be different from any other organization.

The option to personalize your software according to your business reduces the problem to 50%.

All you need to do now is understand what you want. Some very common features include turning on notifications and reminders whenever it’s time to dispose of or purchase an asset, an active asset transfer module, and a preventive maintenance system.

Wrapping up

Infraon Assets, powered by EverestIMS offers IT asset management solutions like location tracking and auditing. It meters the software using statistics and reduces the overall upgrades and renewals.

Keeping in mind the client’s budget, EverestIMS customizes the software for you that cuts cost and refines the software, making it easy to use. In addition, it manages license expiry and renewal, keeping legal procedures in check.